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Dealing with a sewer line that needs fixing? The last thing you should do is wait, as breaks, clogs, leaks, and blockages are urgent issues. They may cause drains to back up, which may render your home or commercial building inhabitable. The basement, yard, or foundation can also face flooding, causing severe structural damage. When you are experiencing these problems, be sure to contact Sludgebusters for trenchless pipe lining in Chesterfield, MO.

Also known as CIPP pipe lining, the trenchless repair technique is a non-destructive solution to your sewer line problems. It is quick and easy to install since the process doesn’t require digging. Whether your pipe is cracked, corroded over time, or infiltrated with roots, you can turn to this cost-effective method as a long-term solution.

Pipe Lining Is Simply Better

This form of trenchless sewer repair offers a faster, less expensive, and eco-friendly method for replacing and repairing sewer lines. As pipes age, they may crack or get blocked at some point. Tree roots may also invade your lines and cause extensive damage. Before trenchless technology became available, conventional repair techniques meant digging up the ground to access the pipes for repair and replacement.

The technology we use has all but eliminated the need for heavy equipment and an army of technicians, as well, thus minimizing the costs for clients. Now, pipe lining companies only need to dig up a few holes to complete the process. Moreover, w offer a free video camera inspection with every service for guaranteed accuracy.

Here are the benefits that you can expect

  • Minimal disruption to the surrounding area
  • Enhanced environment-friendliness
  • Reduced overall costs
  • Requires less time
  • Cost-effective
  • High-quality repairs

This Is How Pipe Lining Works

Upon our arrival at your property, our crew will inspect your pipes for damage, leaks, and blockages. We use high-definition cameras to check the insides of the pipes and prepare the line for trenchless pipe repair. Should we find any blockages, we will conduct hydro jetting to ensure seamless application of the linings.

Upon measuring the width and length of the pipes, our experts will determine the amount of material needed for the project. We make sure to only use superior blends. We will prepare a mixture of resin, epoxy, polyester, glass-fiber reinforced plastic, and other vital substances to make the new pipe durable and effective. We will then pour the mixture into the liner and roll the liquid matter to the existing pipe.

Our industry professionals use inversion pipe relining to blow the liner into the interior parts of the pipe. The technique ensures all the material is well attached to the surface. After pouring the resin, we have to wait for it to cool. After the resin cools down, the next step is to scrape off the excess material surrounding the damaged pipes. We will then make sure that we repair any damage to confirm that the trenchless repair was successful.

Trust Us for Your Pipe Lining Needs

We can use the pipe lining technique to repair virtually any pipe problem, from blockages to leaks, root intrusion, and breakages. By working with the Sludgebusters team for trenchless pipe lining, you are signing up for zero service charges, free camera inspections, and a $50 referral when a client mentions your name. Contact us today for a free pipe lining estimate


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