Are Camera Inspections In Drains Necessary?

Your plumbing system can develop issues that may not be easily detectable over time. In some cases, you might be able to hear strange noises coming from your pipes or notice foul odors. But other times, the problem isn’t so apparent.

plumbing companies recommend camera inspections to understand what is happening inside your pipes. But how do you know these inspections are necessary and not just a waste of money? Keep reading to find your answer!

When Is A Camera Inspection In Drains Necessary?

experience of many plumbers allows them to identify any problems in plumbing systems by listening to the noises they make or noticing a decrease in water pressure. However, other issues are not so obvious and require a more thorough inspection, such as:


While you may know that something is clogging the pipe, you don’t know exactly what and where. When this happens, the
camera inspection will tell the plumber what part of the plumbing system to focus on.

Foundation Leak

A foundation leak can damage the house’s structure and cause more severe moisture problems. Although you can notice some common signs, such as dripping water or wet spots on the walls, you can easily mistake them for other issues. So it is best to do a
camera inspection to rule out any leaks.

Slow Drains Or Backing Up Toilets

Generally, slow draining or backing up toilets is an indication that there is a problem somewhere in the system. The
camera inspection will reveal the nature and extent of the problem, allowing the plumber to take the necessary steps to fix it.

Benefits of Camera Inspections

Camera inspections involve using a camera connected to a flexible rod. This camera is inserted into the drain pipe so the plumber can see what is causing the issue. This type of inspection has several benefits, such as:

Precision: The plumber can locate the exact source of the problem. This allows him to make the necessary repairs without guessing where the issue is.

Saving time: This plumbing service is relatively quick and easy, saving time compared to other methods.

Avoid headaches: Prevention is better than regret. Use camera inspections to check the plumbing system in a property you’re about to buy or to keep track of the system in your current property.

If you decide to do a camera inspection, hire a professional, experienced plumber. This way, you can be sure that the problem will be identified and resolved as efficiently as possible.

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