Imagine you’re getting ready for your family reunion during the holidays. As you start to cook the food, you realize that the kitchen sink is not draining properly. This can be a major inconvenience since washing dishes in the sink will take twice as long. Not to mention, this will also cause a nasty smell to form in your kitchen.

That sounds like a terrible scenario. When drains are not working properly, it is important to take care of them correctly. This blog post will give tips on taking care of your drains during this upcoming holiday season and how hiring drain services can help you. Keep reading!

Tips To Properly Take Care Of Your Drains

Install Drain Protection

When the leaves are still on their branches, it is important to protect your home against frozen water damage. Buy a drain protector made of non-freeze plastic to avoid issues during this period.

Fix All Leaks

When summer is over, check for leaks and patch them up before they cause more damage. This way, you will ensure you don’t have any water damage in the future.

Keep Them Clear

Leaves and rainwater fall in the winter, which makes our drains vulnerable to blockages. To prevent any issues, it’s recommended to hire drain services to regularly keep them free of debris.

Clean The Kitchen Drain Before & After Using It

To avoid a nasty blockage, always flush away any small particles that may be stuck inside your pipes by running cold water through them. You can also do it before applying for repairs or a new system.

Check The Stop Valve Regularly

The stop valve helps regulate the water flow to your sink and is located underneath it. Check it every couple of weeks and apply drain cleaning to ensure it’s still in working condition and avoid corrosion.


Insulation will save you time on freezing days by preventing costly repairs or energy bills while keeping pipes safe during chilly weather. Ensure all water-containing structures like tanks have been drained if they’re not going to be in use.

Why Should You Hire Drain Cleaning Contractors?

It Will Save You Money In The Long Run

The cost of a plumber coming to your home and cleaning drains is minimal when there are bad pipes or water damage. It’s much cheaper than having an expert fix it up.

It Helps To Prevent Clogs

Imagine you flush your toilet, and it overflows onto the bathroom floor. This could be because there isn’t enough water flowing down the drain. A professional plumber can fix it and ensure this does not happen again.

Keep Your Family Healthy

When your drains are clogged, it can be hard to breathe. You may have a mold problem in the house, and mold isn’t just ugly; if left unaddressed for long periods, its toxins could make people sicker than they already are.

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