A little plumbing problem can quickly become a big, time-consuming problem if it’s not fixed. Having damaged drains could mean spending a lot of money on repairs. 

Tree roots can easily invade your pipes if there’s the tiniest leakage in them, this is due to roots being attracted to water and humidity, so it’s only common for them to be found in drains.

This article will cover how tree roots can affect your drains and what your course of action should be. Keep reading!

Drainage System Damage And How Tree Roots Affect

A series of possible unfortunate events could occur when roots affect your drains, from significant deterioration of water lines to cracked drain pipes or sewage leakage into your home. 

If you’ve been surprised by a sudden sky-rocketed water bill, tree roots invading your drains could be the ones to blame.

Avoiding a damaged drain pipe caused by tree roots is largely accomplished by paying attention to the warning signs, such as water leakage around your house, humid spots on the floor or walls, damaged drain traps, low water pressure, or sudden high water bills. 

All of these scenarios indicate there’s most likely tree root invasion in your drains.

What To Do If Your Home Shows All The Signs Of Drain Damage

First, you should hire a drain service available in your city, since this is the type of job that professionals should do. A licensed, well-known expert should take care of your drains. This isn’t a non-trained individual’s job.

Before starting to work on your drains, you should request drains inspections on your home to get the big picture of the issue. It’s key to preventing damage to the foundation of your house.

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