Homeowners have to deal with clogged drains at one point or another. Depending on the severity, the problem may even lead to sewer backups and other such complications. Fortunately, you can turn to Sludgebusters, the go-to company for drain cleaning in St. Louis, MO, for quick solutions.

Be that as it may, preventing clogs from developing is still better than having to deal with them. And to effectively deal with clogged drains, it’s important to identify their root causes. Here’s a look at the common causes of drain clogs.

Food Waste Buildup

People have a habit of throwing food waste in the drainage system. This normally happens through the sink’s garbage disposal unit. However, some food particles such as beans and coffee grounds tend to absorb water and end up clogging the drain. It is advisable to dispose of food waste through proper methods. Should clogs develop, make it a point to enlist the aid of a reputable drain cleaning company to help you resolve them quickly.


Most drain clogs come from hair buildup in the drainage system. This normally happens when you wash your hair and let loose hairs go down the drain. However, when the hair tangles up with other particles in the drain, it could lead to massive drain clogs requiring drain cleaning services to rectify.

Tree Roots

Drains harbor large amounts of water from the sewer. If there are tiny leaks, that water could trickle out and attract tree roots. When such roots make their way into the drainage system, they could cause a drain clog or even make the leaks worse. To restore full functionality, you may have to work with a hydro jetting technician to clear out the roots.

Plastic Waste

Another cause of a clogged drain in your home is the presence of plastic waste in the drainage unit. If plastic wastes find their way into the drainage system, it accumulates, blocking sewage movement. In addition, it could potentially lead to sewer backing up into your home.

In need of professional drain cleaning solutions? Sludgebusters is here for you. Our technicians can make sure that your drains function seamlessly once more. We also offer professional trenchless pipe lining to help repair corroded pipes. Contact us today for an appointment.